The Charter Signers

Our Story

This story began in 2018, when ICI, ACEC Indiana, Indiana Constructors, Inc. and the Indiana Department of Transportation surveyed Indiana’s road building industry to identify ways to work more effectively together. In 2019 the three groups cemented the concept of the Indiana Transportation Team – an industry-wide initiative that aims to improve trust, communication, collaboration and service to Hoosier tax payers as we deliver the best roads possible.

Next Steps

First, review the Indiana Transportation Team Charter and make a personal commitment to follow its principles throughout your company on every job. Next, get involved at the regional level. Steering committees are working now to develop additional regional programming that will give you an opportunity to weigh in on important items like constructability, formal partnering and feedback loops. We can put you in contact with your regional steering committee rep for opportunities close to home.

And finally, and possibly most importantly, get to know the other members of the team. Seek out opportunities to call instead of email. Grab coffee or lunch together to work out project details. Ask questions of other team members and be open and honest with answers and feedback.